Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Decomposed Idea

You can kill a man but you can't kill an Idea.

I caught these words in movie 'Ben Hur'. Immortal words.
But what happens when an Idea is killed?

To understand this, let me explain what I have here.
Idea is born in one's mind, but in order to survive it has to feed on other people's thoughts. It is nurtured by other people's thinking, given shape by action, watered by the fluidity of the mind. The more you think of it, the more an IDEA grows.

So what causes the death of an IDEA? The absence of thought and action. And when an idea dies, there's no loss of life or even a whimper of a loss of any tangible object. The IDEA survives only as long as it exists in your mind, even one will do.

When does it start decomposing? The IDEA stays in your mind long after it is forgotten, under the dust of other thoughts, hard pressed against the walls of your intelligence under the weight of other priorities. But it starts to decay when it sees no sunlight of discussion, or a ray of Deja Vu. It is covered in darkness and begins to crumble brick by brick.

And when it decomposes, you will know that the IDEA is gone forever because you will feel a sudden emptiness in your heart; that of losing a companion you yearned for but never had, a lump in your throat like that for a movie scene that played out in front of your eyes but you didn't act in that scene. While days carry on, you feel the burden of a decayed idea in your head, not knowing where to burn it or bury. Heart feels heavier, mind wanders looking for even a small grain of the IDEA in case any survives.

If you wake up with a heavy heart or wandering mind, then you will know an IDEA lies deep inside you, decaying and rotting. If you aren't lucky enough to see it then the rot reeks into all your senses and affects your very being.

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